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Gender and Disaster Resilience Alliance [GDRA] Website

Who Recommends It: Elaine Enarson

Why Elaine Recommends it: The website offers training materials, teaching resources, ideas for advancing more gender-aware disaster risk management, opportunities for partnerships with like-minded individuals or organizations, links to related resources and much more. The GDRA is a sister network closely aligned with the global Gender and Disaster Network.  This new US-focused initiative is a voluntary no-cost network uniting practitioners, activists, community members, and researchers who share the conviction that women and men must be equally and fully engaged for effective disaster risk reduction to become a reality—here at home, as well as internationally. The primary focus of the GDRA is to bring gender in men’s and women’s lives into the mainstream of emergency planning and disaster risk reduction.

The Women of Katrina: How Gender, Race, and Class Matter in an American Disaster, edited by Emmanuel David and Elaine Enarson. All proceeds benefit the Ms. Foundation. Forthcoming January 2010 from Vanderbilt University Press.

Who Recommends It: Elaine Enarson

Why Elaine Recommends it:  The transformative event known as “Katrina” exposed long-standing social inequalities. While debates rage about race and class relations in New Orleans and the Katrina diaspora, gender remains curiously absent from public discourse and scholarly analysis. This volume draws on original research and firsthand narratives from women in diverse economic, political, ethnic, and geographic contexts to portray pre-Katrina vulnerabilities, gender concerns in post-disaster housing and assistance, and women’s collective struggles to recover from this catastrophe.

Elaine recommends this book as one step toward filling persistent knowledge gaps and inspiring more gender-responsive approaches in future. The book includes chapters authored by our own EPI leaders Beth Davis, Kelly Rouba, and Brenda Phillips—thanks again!

Gender Notes, Elaine Enarson for the Gender and Disaster Network (2009)

Who Recommends It: Elaine Enarson

Why Elaine Recommends it:  These short “notes” were prepared to shine a bright line on areas of practice where gender is both highly relevant and generally neglected. Written for international use, the information is readily applicable to the US.


Other Great Resources

Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC): “Women in Times of Disaster”: The Integration of Gender Issues and Gender Perspectives in Disaster Management, February 2009

This is a comparative institutional analysis paper by Dr. Hasedi and his research team from Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand on “Women in Times of Disaster.”

Plan International’s Weathering the Storm: Adolescent Girls and Climate Change , June 2011.

This reporthighlights the need to better integrate the specific needs of adolescent girls in climate change and disaster risk reduction policies and programmes.  The findings presented in the report are based on interviews with girls involved in Plan International’s programmes inEthiopia and Bangladesh. It includes stories from girls themselves in relation to how climate change is impacting on their lives and what they feel that policy makers should do differently.

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